About TapM8 The Endless Business Card

The new electronic business card that quickly puts your information into your prospect's phones. This endless business card is the latest in technology and your networking passport that puts your business ahead! Maximize your efforts with TapM8!

TapM8 is "The Endless Business Card". Having a digital business card is indispensable. No more hassle carrying around cardboard business cards to hand out which may end up where you don't want them. With the TapM8 card, your information goes directly into your prospect's cellphone.

Tapm8 was designed by Kim Sunshine of Palm Coast. She founded Cornerstone Center in Bunnell. Kim's business experience began at the tender age of 19. As a business owner, clients seek her experience to help them with their own businesses.

Kim created the TapM8 product to help her business clients exchange contact information more easily. The TapM8 system is integrated with C.A.R.E. to organize contacts, use email and SMS services, and turn leads into customers.

TapM8 has all the features you need!

Contact Information Exchange

Exchange contact information with a simple tap!

Social Media Exchange

Custom buttons allow you to share your social media in an instant!

Collect Information

Your custom form will collect information from your contacts to add into your contact list.

Basic C.A.R.E. system included!

Organize and tag your contacts.

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