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The new electronic business card that quickly puts your information into your prospect's phones. This endless business card is the latest in technology and your networking passport that puts your business ahead! Maximize your efforts with TapM8!

TapM8 has all the features you need!

Contact Information Exchange

Exchange contact information with a simple tap!

Social Media Exchange

Custom buttons allow you to share your social media in an instant!

Collect Information

Your custom form will collect information from your contacts to add into your contact list.

Basic CRM system included!

Organize and tag your contacts.

Upgrade Your Networking Game with Tapm8

Say goodbye to traditional business cards and embrace the future of networking with your Tapm8 digital business card. This innovative solution eliminates the need for physical cards and allows you to easily share your contact information with just a tap.

Don't miss out on potential connections due to outdated information - with Tapm8, your endless business card is always up-to-date. Upgrade your networking approach today and take control of your personal brand with Tapm8's modern and efficient digital business card.

Included Basic CRM Package

Not only will the TapM8 card put you directly in your prospect's cell but can also collect information for your CRM. This is exciting because you can organize your contacts, tag them, and turn your leads into customers and sales. TapM8 is the best tool for your personal and your business life! This system is 100% expandable to include complete CRM with Lead Generation, Drip Campaigns and 1000 more features.

We offer weekly workshops teaching CRM Basics and Advanced User Features.

Why Tapm8?

Experience the Power of Technology with Tapmate - the Ultimate Digital Business Card!

Networking is crucial for building lasting relationships, and with Tapm8, you can elevate your networking game to a whole new level. Our system combines the power of technology with the importance of personal interaction, ensuring your contact information is always accurate and up-to-date.

Kim Sunshine, The Perpetual Business Owner, has dedicated her life to helping those in business! She has over 30 years experience and her life dream is to see everyone around her succeed.

In 2021 Kim was the top producer at her Real Estate Brokerage with 50 Transactions, as a single agent, for the year. Life served some crazy twists and turns towards the middle of 2021... causing Kim to rethink her future.

She decided to pursue her ultimate dream and vision... to create a business that helps other business owners... and in November 2021 she started Cornerstone Center Inc.

With her focus on this new adventure... Kim has created several products that are practical and beneficial for those who work for themselves.

Kim feels that Tapm8 is an essential tool for anyone who networks, meets new potential clients and those who prospect!

The founder of Tapm8, Kim Sunshine, is a seasoned business owner with over 30 years of experience in sales & marketing. She understands the importance of having accurate contact information, & that's why she created Tapm8 to eliminate the risk of losing a potential opportunity.

With Tapm8, you get more than just a digital business card. You get the expertise and insights of a seasoned business owner, who has unlocked the secrets of effective networking.

Don't settle for being a novice in the business world - take your networking to the next level with Tapm8 and see the results for yourself!

Success Stories


Steve Verrier

Mortgage Broker, The Florida Mortgage Center

My Tapm8 Card saves me so much time when exchanging information with people I meet.

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Charlotte Morgan

Owner of Beachside Studio

I just love how easy Tapm8 is to use, just tap and go! Its great, I wish everyone had one.


Vincent Amore

TrustCo Bank Manager

Getting information correct is important. I like that my phone number and name is always spelled correctly with Tapm8.

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